After years of watching Toddlers and Tiaras, judging children and their parents from the comforts of my couch, I have developed an eye for children who deserve crowns and trophies. Step aside spray tanned toddlers… Munchie is going to steal your title… completely sans Mountain Dew, Pixie Stix, and Red Bull. He is just so damn cute. Bias? Completely… but I don’t care. Munchie even knows he is incredibly good looking… we can tell from the countless hours he spends staring at himself in the mirror. We are far too adorable to be a Gerber baby… I’m thinking we will dive straight into being a GAP model.

In reality, I’m not going to enter him in any pageants (yet)… but adorable baby photo contests? Perhaps those are in our future. Time to start finding some on Google. Gotta play to win, right?

Yes… this post is incredibly vain… but I don’t care. Shouldn’t every parent write crap like this about their kids? Be proud of your babies!