As the blustery weather approaches, Munchie’s wardrobe continues to evolve. Thank goodness he was born in June, when we could get away with flopping him in a onesie and calling it good. We had a three snap rule. If the outfit had more than three snaps, it was far too complicated for this set of new parents. Sorry Munchie… it’s true… there are some adorable clothes you never wore, simply because your parents were intimidated by their complexity. The three snap rule continued until Munchie’s second month of existence, at which point summer rompers made their way into our lives. That’s right ladies and gentlemen… four snaps.

We worked our way up to pants, especially as those legs started to get a little chunky. He even has a pair of jeans that include a button and a zipper! (I know… impressive, right?!?!) Pajamas have recently started to creep their way into our lives, too. Giant zippers and hundreds of snaps have become part of our daily reality. No big deal, right? Normal stuff that all parents eventually need to adjust to.

But… then we get to cooler weather… which means layers. I originally thought I could get away with piling copious amounts of blankets on top of Munchie… but he has a delightful habit of kicking blankets off of himself. Blankets all over the sidewalk? No bueno.

Now, layers wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t already average four costume changes a day (thank you baby puke). All of these chunky layers pile up very quickly in the hamper. And did I mention how difficult it is to put a hoodie sweatshirt on a baby? Never mind the long sleeves, that are some kind of cruel joke in and of themselves… but this whole non-stretch shenanigans? Come on now! Cut this momma some slack! I know I could just get a jacket with a zipper… but if you know anything about me… you know I have a soft spot for hoodies. A pain in the ass… but worth it! (Despite my bitching.)

One more point of contention… you know how difficult it can be to get your long sleeve shirt into a jacket? Yeah… well just try putting a jacket on a baby who is wearing long sleeves. Poor Munchie has looked like Raphie’s brother more than once… based on the fact I can’t fish his sleeves out of his sleeves, resulting in excess material under his arms… and an inability to put them by his sides. Whatevs… at least he is warm… Right?

We are still on rompers and onesies, for the most part… with the occasional piece of layered clothing. As I sit here, I know we have one more type of clothing to conquer… shirts… shirts that are simply shirts… not onesies. I just don’t know how to keep them pulled down… and while I love Munchie’s Budda belly… I can’t have that hanging out in public. Perhaps this week we will give shirts and overalls a try. No promises.

Off to wash some layers! (And yes… I know Munchie isn’t wearing any socks in the above photo. Too complicated.)