Babies are not simple creatures… they are complex beings with the power to melt your soul. As we prepared for Munchie’s arrival, we did not know what the future had in store for us. We didn’t know that the Summer of 2013 would be full of emotional roller coasters. We knew the highs would be there… weddings… babies… but we did not expect untimely loss of loved ones. Munchie entered the world at a time of emotional chaos and became our rock. While a new life does not replace one that has been lost, the spirit and energy of a child provides unexplained healing powers. I am certain Munchie will never truly know the impact he has played in our healing process, nor does he really need to. All Munchie needs to know is that he is a gift to all of us… a very special gift, indeed.

In the last week, I have had an abundance of time to reflect and truly count my blessings. My family is the biggest blessing, by far. When I talk about family, I don’t just mean relatives… but all of the friends we have adopted into our family. They might not be connected to our family tree through a bloodline, but they are certainly a huge part of who we are.

During my solid week in the hospital, the outpouring of love and support our family experienced was astonishing. We are so blessed to have immediate family close by who are willing to lend a hand. The day I was admitted, my brother in law swooped in to help with Munchie so that Patrick could be with me. Later that afternoon, my sister went to help out. My mother in law and sister in law tag teamed a couple days. My mom and Patrick worked from the house and took turns caring for Munchie… it was amazing. Munchie went to stay out at the farm with Bubby and Grandpa for the weekend, so Daddy could get some rest and visit with Mommy. Since my return home we have had numerous offers to help with Munchie, so that I can make it to appointments and continue recovering.

I am blessed. Truly blessed. I am thankful for the many amazing people in my life… and the beautiful relationships we continue to develop. Cheers.