While I’m sure Munchie will have a mischievous streak at some point… that isn’t the Trickery I am referring to. Trickery is our dog. She is about two years old now… and our original baby. (The starter “child.”) Trickery is a “special blend” (we don’t use the “m” word in our house)… our best guess is Italian Greyhound, ¬†Shepherd, and Beagle. Last Christmas, we sprung for a Doggie DNA test… which said she was a Lab and Cocker Spaniel mix. Needless to say, we got our $75 back after I sent a picture. (Seems like all we need is a dart board with a few dog breeds sharpied on… and we could start our own Doggie DNA company!) Whatever she is… she is the perfect blend of perfect dog. AND… she is amazing with Munchie.

Watching these two creatures bond brings a smile to my face. Trickery, so curious… always trying to give kisses and show affection. Munchie, also curious… studying Trickery’s every move. Recently, Munchie started reaching for objects. When he reaches for Trickery, she typically backs away… hesitant of what fate might come her way. This week, Trickery has become a bit more trusting… breaking the barriers of personal space… and trying to interact with Munchie. Yesterday, I caught Munchie PETTING Trickery! ON PURPOSE!!! He did it again today. Trickery is super tolerant and seems to be warming up to the idea of another human giving her attention.

I just know these two will be super amazing friends. I can’t wait until Munchie can really play with Trickery… chase her around… throw a ball for her (not that she will fetch or anything… but it would still be pretty awesome)… and love her the same way she already loves him. Oh goodness… my heart is turning to mush.