Point and click. Then point and click… again… and again… and again. Then scroll through your pictures and select the best (being a relative term) one. Then add an Instagram filter. Then post.

I have talked about digital photography before… but I think it is a broad topic that deserves multiple posts… so sit back and hang on for the ride. One of the projects I gave myself this week, while laid up in the hospital, was dumping all of the photos from my phone to my laptop. Now, of course, I still have the photos on my phone… and that is where they will remain… until I backup my laptop. (I would be so upset if I lost all of these precious images.) Multiple digital copies… that is not optional.

While scrolling through the thousands of photos I have of Munchie, I realized something. I spend a lot of time taking multiple photos in a row, trying to capture the “perfect” image. I find that “perfect” image to post in my blog, send to a family member, upload to Facebook… and then the other 34 pictures I took of Munchie eating a piece of broccoli just sit there untouched. What I realized from browsing through these “extra” photos was that each of them were just as special and perfect as the ones I opted to share. You see… I’m capturing life. I’m capturing the silly faces… the blurry waving hands and feet… the life that is within my child.

Perhaps this is why I can’t bring myself to delete any of those “extra” photos. Then again… this could just be a cover up for my compulsive digital hoarding. Nah… that can’t be it. I have an incredible little family that I am very proud of… a little Munchie that will only continue to grow up… and I want to have memories and proof of all of these moments we only have one chance to capture.

Now, go ahead… scroll to the top of this post… and check out my incredibly adorable family. Mommy trying to get Munchie to mimic a smile. Munchie refusing. Daddy laughing at the whole situation. Yes indeed… that is most certainly my amazing little family… and a very perfect family photo.

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