No Munchie… I did not wake you up. Actually, you woke yourself up… and then got really mad at Mommy. How did you wake yourself up? Snoring.

Munchie, I don’t know how to tell you this… but it seems you have inherited your Daddy’s ability to recreate the sound of a freight train while you sleep. From the day you were born, people were asking Mommy and Daddy how many times we woke up at night to see if you were still breathing. Our answer was, is, and most likely always will be the same. We don’t have to check and see if our baby is breathing… because he snores.

I must admitĀ (and then ask my dear husband for forgiveness) to waking up and elbowing Daddy in the side on more than one occasion, telling him to roll over and quit snoring… only to find out it was Munchie! Loud, deep breathing and snoring that I am almost certain the neighbors can hear… all coming from the tiny human I created. When similar noises come from a grown man, I resort to violence. When they come from Munchie… we think it’s charming.

I hope the future love of his life find his nightly noises as precious as I do. For now, I will just be thankful I don’t have to hold a mirror under my baby’s nose to see if he is breathing at night.