^^^Check it out! We’re twins!!!^^^

Hello World. I am Trickery… the dog. I was the original baby in this family. All of the attention in this house was directed toward me. Last May, Mom and Dad got married. A few months later, Mom really started packing on the pounds. I had heard something about humans letting themselves go after marriage, but holy crap… Mom was taking it to the extreme. Around Christmas, we were just hanging around the house and I put my head on Mom’s growing belly. You are never going to guess what happened next. I heard something moving inside! I listened to try to figure out what it was. I was pretty sure she had some sort of parasite.

As the months passed, Mom just kept getting bigger. I continued to listen to the alien(s) inside of her as they began to kick. I could see them move around inside of her. I would just stare. I snuggled up with Mom a lot. When we snuggled, whatever was inside of her calmed down. It was the craziest thing. In June, I went to stay with some friends. Mom and Dad were gone a LOT longer than I expected. I wasn’t sure they were coming back for me.

Almost a week later, I came home and immediately knew something was different. I started sniffing around and… what… what the fudge monkies… you have got to be kidding me. There he was. My puppy brother. He was (and still is) completely lacking in the fur department. His bark? Well… it’s more of a howl. From day one, he was allowed on the furniture. What the heck is up with that? Regardless of how odd he looked and how funky he smelled and how loud he was… I knew I needed to look out for him.

I try my best to keep him clean, give him plenty of kisses, watch out for him, and run to find Mom when he starts howling. We snuggle up quite often. I think Mom and Dad feel bad about not giving me as much attention as they did before the baby arrived… so they have started inviting me up on the bed. Sometimes I sneak up on the bed at night and I don’t even get in trouble. I think they are just too tired to care… so sometimes I can get away with thing I shouldn’t be doing. I also get lots of extra snacks… which is always a plus.

Oh, and I almost forgot… Munchie is teething and he gets to chew on human food. When he is done with it, I get the leftovers!

I wasn’t too sure about him at first… but I think my Puppy Brother and I are going to end up being pretty good friends.