Munchie’s attention span is about the length of an elfin pinkie toe. Reading a book from cover to cover is a nearly impossible feat. Starting a book and not getting to the end crushes my soul… and often, I find myself scurrying back over to the book, after Munchie has fallen asleep, to get to the end. A couple weeks ago, at one of our story times, the group leader said we should feel comfortable skipping pages in longer books. She even said that we could just go from page to page, describing pictures. Um… in the words of Peggy Hill… Escuchame?!?!?

At first, I was beside myself. Won’t this somehow stunt development? If you aren’t going to read the whole book… then why even read at all? Then, I decided that I was overreacting. (Woah… wait… what? Me? Overreacting? Say it isn’t so!)

I have started skipping pages in longer books… which allows Munchie to get a taste of the beginning, middle, and end. I admit, sometimes I still have some trouble wrapping my head around the concept… and sometimes I do sneak back to read the entire book on my own while Munchie is napping… but this reading style that I once dubbed lazy and half-“donkey”ed is kind of working out for us. In fact, I kind of like being able to (kind of) get through a book with Munchie.

Please be advised… while I do support skipping pages when reading to your youngster… I do not support skipping sections of blog entries. (Cough. Cough.)