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The list of foods Munchie has tried is rapidly growing. Before you jump down my throat (sweet pun), please be informed… sometimes I just let Munchie lick the foods to get an idea of taste and texture… he isn’t necessarily chowing down foods he isn’t ready for. (I am quite certain my mother just let out a massive sigh of relief.) That being said, sometimes he does eat a bit of whatever I give him.

This weekend, we were at my great uncle’s 80th birthday celebration. A variety of foods were served. Munchie was eyeing my green beans pretty hardcore. So… I let him gnaw on one. They were mushy (and cooked with bacon) and he loved the bejebus out of them. He would pulverize them into unidentifiable mush, push them out of his mouth, and then demand more. After two beans, I figured he was messy enough. Unfortunately, he didn’t agree with me and proceeded to let out a blood curdling scream. Goodness gracious child, have another bacon flavored vegetable and settle yourself down.

My theory on why pediatricians tell us to hold off on solid foods:
This is obviously some sort of conspiracy. We were told Munchie need to hold off on solids and just stick with milk because he wouldn’t be able to digest foods. Well… that’s a load of crap. The foods he HAS consumed went through him… and let me tell you… they were digested. I think that once babies get a taste of real food (icing and bacon soaked green beans) they simply won’t settle for a milk diet anymore. Maybe the pediatric community is in bed with the formula companies… and the poor breastfeeding moms are just getting caught in the crossfire… with their boobies counting as civilian casualties. (I am now left with an image of my pediatrician snuggled up with a can of Enfamil… and boobies just scattered about the floor. I am never going to be able to sleep tonight.)


  1. I was told it was because their tongue wasn’t able to get it down yet so it would just come right back out of their mouth. I saw that with mushy cereal & other baby foods. Plus you have to make sure it’s mushy enough that they won’t choke.

  2. HILARIOUS. I think you’re onto something. XOXO

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