When Munchie is hungry, he informs the world. His cries would make a passing stranger wonder if the poor child has ever been fed. Every three hours, the wailing alarm sounds… without missing a beat. Then, from the time that bottle hits his lips, until the moment it is removed… he is silent. Well… silent is the wrong term. The crying ceases to exist… but the noises do not. We get everything from suckling to growling… from groaning to giggling. Munchie loves to eat. He is focused. He is determined. He is on a mission.

Next time you are on the other side of the world and you hear a baby in the distance… just know that it is Munchie. Please also note that it takes approximately two minutes for me to prepare a bottle and get it to his lips. In those two minutes, I ask that you please be patient with me. I am absolutely terrified that someone is going to hear Munchie’s blood curdling screams, think he is being neglected, and call CPS to report me for neglecting to feed my baby. Not to worry… when they show up at my door, all they would see is a very loved and well fed, sturdy (yet, completely proportionate) child… most likely with a bottle sticking out of his face.