Naked and Afraid (Part Two)


So, we have already packed… successfully… and our feeding plans had been foiled. (If you need to catch up, check out the previous post.) Not only was the whole bottle situation a fiasco (that ended up being fixed by simply using soap and water)… Munchie seriously hated the pre-mixed formula. To be fair, we aren’t sure if it was the formula, or the chilly temperature of the formula… but whatever it was… Munchie wasn’t a fan. This made feedings quite challenging. My advice? Before leaving home, test out your entire feeding plan for a full day. Does your baby like the formula? Do your nipples fit the bottles? Do the cheap bottles you bought even work? In the end, Munchie ate… and that’s all the matters.

Sleeping… comes quite “naturally.” I don’t know what the deal was. Perhaps Munchie was tired from a week of less than adequate naps. Maybe it was just his love of nature and the peacefulness he is overcome with when we step outside. Whatever it was… it was amazing. Munchie slept the majority of our camping trip. I was anxious, before we left home, that he would be uncomfortable in the elements… resulting in lots of fussiness. Well, that’s not what we got… not at all. At night, Munchie snuggled up with Mommy and Daddy, lots of layers, and tons of blankets. Looking back, his restful weekend could have had something to do with being bundled up and warm… and constantly snuggled up in the arms of Aunt Lizzie, Uncle Austen, and Gram.

Oh yeah… did you think we endured our first tent camping adventure ALONE? Ha ha ha! Not a chance! We could not have successfully pulled off such a feat without a few extra sets of helping hands. Sharing the experience was incredibly special. The campground we stayed at was where my family camped throughout my childhood. We had spent many weekends there as a family of four (Mom, Dad, my younger sister, and myself) and with friends and family. “The Camper Shack” is what our little spot was called.. at Camp “Wopacomaco” (not even the real name of the campground… just what we called it). I can not image a more appropriate place for Munchie to experience his first camping trip.

Before Dad’s passing, he made it clear that he wanted our family to relive our greatest adventures and create new ones. He wanted us to carry him with us and leave a little bit of him in each place we visited. This was our first adventure together as a family. The weekend was emotional, but full of happy memories… ones we were reliving and retelling… and new ones we were making.

Munchie’s three month birthday was on Saturday… and I can’t imagine a better way to have spent it. Camping was full of challenges… but so is life… and that is what makes each and every moment an adventure.


  1. Sometimes I LOL when I read your posts, sometimes I cry…sometimes I do both. You are amazing!

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