Naked and Afraid… Or Not.


More like a million layers of clothes, blankets, and hats… and very much NOT afraid. This weekend, we braved the outdoors and experienced grand adventure. Some call us brave, others called us crazy. That’s right folks, we took our three month old tent camping… and he was a freaking champion!

The three day and two night adventure started last week… with the packing. I had been stalking to ensure we were appropriately prepared. Then, since you can’t trust weather-folks, I decided I should just pack clothes for any and every scenario I could imagine. I was sure to take into account the possibility of multiple outfit changes each day (and I’m happy that I did). The result? An entire Rubbermaid container FULL of Munchie clothes and blankets. It took up half of our packing space in the CRV. I am happy to report that we did not run out of clothing or blankets… and numerous layers were needed for the chilly weather. In retrospect, I did NOT over pack (though, I did pack 40-50 different outfits)… I was prepared, packed well, and am quite proud of myself. Sure, we had some clean clothes left over… but I was happy we had them, should we have needed them. Munchie threw up on just about every outfit he was in… requiring many more costume changes than one might imagine… which brings us to our next topic… food.

You already know that I am a Formula Mom who loves a great deal. I have been using my Enfamil formula checks to stock up on pre-mixed bottles from Walmart. Seeing as we would be in the woods, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to bust into my stockpile. I packed enough formula for a full four days, just in case something happened… or Munchie decided he was going to be extra hungry. I would rather be over prepared than stuck in the woods without food for my baby. I bought a couple packages of cheap bottles and packed the disposable nipples we had leftover from the hospital. I knew they fit on the 2oz pre-mixed bottles and naturally assumed they would fit on the 8oz pre-mixed bottles, too. (Because that would make freaking sense.)

When we got to camp it was already dark, Munchie was sleeping and we had time to get our tents set up, matresses inflated (pampered campers), and everything set up. Munchie woke up hungry, so I brought him in the tent, opened a pre-mixed bottle, screwed a nipple on, went to shake it, and… SON OF A FLYING BISCUIT!!! Formula EVERYWHERE. For the record… pre-mixed Enfamil bottles are NOT standard size and your MUST dump the contents into another bottle because nipples do NOT fit on the effing bottles. I began to panic  and have a complete meltdown. My preparedness very rapidly turned into unpreparedness. I did NOT have enough bottles to last us the whole trip… hardly enough to last a full day. I did NOT have extra sheets, sleeping bags, or anything else that had just been covered in formula… which, in my mind, meant only one thing. We had to use the formula soaked camping equiptment… in our tent… and risk being attacked by wild animals. I am happy to report that wild animals are not attracted to pre-mixed formula. I am less happy to report that, like the bears, Munchie is also not a fan of pre-mixed formula.

The saga continues… in Part Two!


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