Let’s be honest… this face is hard to say “no” to. Fortunately, at this stage, we don’t have to say “no” very often.

In the middle of the night, Munchie wakes us for a bottle. I drag myself out of bed to feed him. What do I get? A smile… it’s worth it.

I am by NO means a morning person. Munchie, on the other hand, is. He wakes up in the morning with the biggest smiles… it’s worth it.

Sometimes he gets fussy and is impossible to soothe. (It breaks my heart.) When he calms down… he smiles… it’s worth it.

Munchie’s favorite time to smile is when he has a stinky butt. Through his grin, you can almost hear laughter and a snarky, “Ha ha! You have to change my stinky butt!” We aren’t sure what he enjoys more… having his stinky butt changed… or watching our facial expressions as we complete the task. Regardless… it’s worth it.

We have a lot of, what we refer to as, baby containers in our house. A crib, a play mat with walls, a pack n play, a mini pack n play, a rocker, a baby rocker, a baby swing, a jumparoo, and the infamous monkey rocker. Sometimes he wants to be in a container, but we can’t figure out which one… so we just move him around until he is content. The task requires an extreme amount of patience… but when we find the right container for Munchie… we get BIG smiles… and… it’s worth it.

Spit up all over your shirt, pants, bed, hair, pillow, carpet… or on one occasion… in your belly button… funky… but when his belly feels better and you see him crack a smile… it’s worth it.

Sit on the floor, chair, couch, bed, etc and babble nonsense, making faces that would have me committed (if there were not a baby on my lap)… it’s worth it.

I do a lot for my Munchie… and it’s exhausting… but when I see that smile… it’s worth it… and I can’t help but smile back.