Morning Routine: Wake up… laugh at Mom while she cleans my stinky butt… lay on the floor… smile at the good lookin’ baby in the mirror.

If everyone stared at themselves in the mirror, as much as babies, we would say they were completely vain. (Or Uncle Trey.) I can plop Munchie in front of a mirror for a good 30-45 minutes before he has had enough. He makes faces at himself… and then laughs… and then continues to laugh because the baby in the mirror is laughing. Heaven forbid the baby in the mirror makes a face that Munchie doesn’t approve of. He will YELL at the baby! Sees a face he likes? We hear coos. Sees a silly face? Laughter. Hopefully, the baby in the mirror doesn’t make a sad face… because then, the waterworks begin. (When this happens, we have to take the mirror away.)

I think it’s pretty awesome that Munchie is already starting to interact with the “other” baby and respond to the actions and feelings he expresses. I think it would be totally awesome if he saw the baby in the mirror start to get sad… and then he made an attempt to cheer him up. That’s the kind of friendly child I want to raise. Go ahead… cheer up your mirror friend Munchie!

He has now been laying on the floor, playing with the baby in the mirror for 40 minutes… perhaps he will set a new attention span record today. He is still kicking around and having a conversation with that baby on the “other side.” Oh, yes. Yes. They have VERY in depth conversations about life. He also talks to Fred the Monkey (a wall decal by his changing table).

… and these are the things we do in the morning… and the thoughts that run through my head when Munchie wakes up at 6am.