From the moment we brought the first baby item into our home, we set very clear boundaries with our dog, Trickery. “Leave it,” became a popular phrase around our house… but the training didn’t take very long. (She’s a smart dog.) Initially, I was concerned she would eat Munchie’s toys, books, and anything she could get to. Little did I know that it was Munchie I should be worried about.

Come on little sir, what did that poor book ever do to you? I know you like to eat… but we need to draw a line somewhere. I am sure Trickery is just beside herself, thinking… “I can’t believe they let that weird furless puppy chew on everything!”

So far, Trickery has not attempted to mimic Munchie’s behaviors. She just typically stands next to him with a concerned, “Um, excuse me… he is chewing on something again… I think he might eat it…” look on her face. Simply adorable.

I know babies explore their world by putting things in their mouths… I’m just a little nervous Munchie is literally trying to consume some of these items. Meh… I’m sure he wouldn’t be the first kid to succeed. (Don’t worry… we don’t let him chew on anything small.)