I first discovered the phenomenon when my friend, Sarah, came to visit. She was wearing a shirt with a very bold black and white pattern. Munchie just stared at her shirt for a good 20-30 minutes. Babies can’t see complex images, but they can see bold colors, shapes, patterns, etc. (Or… at least that is what the medical community tells us.) I think Munchie can see a little more than that, but he is certainly a fan of bold patterns.

I have discovered that one of Munchie’s favorite activities is shopping. He really likes the constant change in environment and looking at so many new and interesting things. Every once in a while, I will notice that he fixates on a certain object. This weekend, the object of his enthrallment was a striped shirt in GAP. (And later, a black and white polka dot shirt.) I will confess… I wheeled him up to the shirt and just let him stare. He stared and stared and stared… for a good 10-15 minutes. (Polka dot interest lasted about 5 minutes.) I strongly considered purchasing both pieces of clothing and using them as wall art in his nursery.

I would like to believe that letting Munchie stare at such patterns is stimulating his mind and making him smarter. Parenting fail… or parenting genius… either way, I don’t care… if Munchie is happy… we are ALL happy!