Can’t Have Cereal Yet? Fine. Eat a Goldfish.



I need to stop asking the pediatrician for permission. I know the box of rice cereal says to wait until your baby is four months old… but I don’t want to wait. I heard doctors have approved rice cereal to help with reflux and that you can give you baby some before bed, to help them sleep longer. I brought this up at Munchie’s two month appointment. Our pediatrician said she doesn’t want him to gain weight much faster than he already is… so she wants us to hold off.

Time out. If he gets rice cereal and stays full for longer… then he won’t drink so much milk… which means he won’t be gaining weight faster. Right? I’m not pediatrician… but I am decent at math… and I don’t see much logic in the pediatrician’s argument. Whatever. To make the pediatrician happy… I’m not going to give Munchie rice cereal. (Except for the bit I gave him the day before we talked to the pediatrician.)

My kid doesn’t need your nasty rice cereal. My kid has Mommy, Daddy, aunts, uncles, and grandparents that will give him other things. He really likes to lick the salt off of Goldfish… and I hear he likes chocolate syrup, too. Yesterday, he had a lick of some Oreo cream… and today, he might have tried barbecue sauce. Err… maybe some vanilla icing, too.

The world is full of exciting things for Munchie to try. He doesn’t need any of your funky rice cereal. (If my pediatrician ever reads this… I’m sure she will shake her head and wish she approved his cereal consumption.)



  1. He is clearly appropriately named!

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