There is something mesmerizing about baby feet. They are so tiny… those little toes are the size of peas… and I could just gobble them up! (In a figurative sense… I’m not a cannibal. Though some may argue with me about that… because of this.) Teeny little feet that don’t even stink yet… just one of my favorite things. Growing up, I always saw my dad yank socks off of babies to see those little gems. A baby would be swaddled up, and he would “unburrito” that baby faster than the speed of light. I guess that’s how I learned to love baby feet. I think Munchie has only worn socks (on his feet… hand socks are a whole different story) three or four times. Why would I put socks on him, if I’m just going to take them off a billion times each day to play with those toes? That would just be crazy!

So, until those feet get all smelly and funky… I’m going to enjoy them. I will let other people enjoy them too… I will share. Plenty of baby feet goodness to go around.

While I do love baby feet… I’m not such a fan of grown up feet. Please keep your gnarly toes to yourself. I’m sure someone oogled over them at one point in time… but for now… please put your shoes back on… your foot funk is leaching all over my blog.