My Facebook Friends will attest… throughout my pregnancy, I ate a LOT of things… but I venture to bet none of them would expect me to consume this. Heck, not even I thought that I would eat this. But I did… and here is the story. It took me a while to be able to admit this… but I ate the placenta.

I have tried a lot of things over the years that people might consider “hippie bullshit.” Reiki energy work… reflexology … acupuncture,.. things that are actually starting to become more mainstream. That being said, there had to be a line… right? Well, of course! I was never going to do anything funky, like eat an organ. I have previously mentioned that I tried to keep an open mind throughout my pregnancy… not placing judgement on people who opted for decisions that were different from my own. Placenta consumption, however, was one decision that made my skin crawl. My stomach would literally churn… a feeling that I am certain many readers are experiencing right now.

From the moment people found out we were expecting, placenta jokes started flying around. Again, making my stomach flip each time it was even mentioned. As my pregnancy continued, one of my Facebook friends started posting about a bunch of “natural mom” stuff. I started reading her blog posts… learning more and more about a more holistic and natural point of view. For most things, I could keep an open mind… but again, there was still this topic that made me uncomfortable.

At my baby shower, a friend made a comment, “Hey, are you going to eat your placenta?” I gagged and said, “NO WAY!” The room started to chuckle… and one of my friends chimed in from the corner and said.. “I did.” The giggles stopped, but nothing was discussed any further. We just moved on.

I started to get curious. The friend who “did the deed” was someone I trusted. She was a good mom with awesome kids. So… I started to pick her brain and gain some additional insight. She said that with her first, she didn’t and with her second, she did. She explained the extreme difference in recovery, milk supply, energy levels, moods, etc. After that discussion, the wheels in my mind started to turn. I sent an email to my friend who had been blogging about placenta encapsulation. (I took pills… didn’t make a soup.) She actually has a business and offers the service. I was very frank in my email about my hesitation… just not being able to wrap my head around the concept… thinking it was creepy… etc. She addressed all of my concerns in a very real way.

In the end, I decided to go for it.  I decided I would rather have the pills in my fridge and opt not to take them, than completely pass up on the opportunity. In the end, I was beyond thrilled with my decision. I stuck by the mantra, “Don’t knock it till you try it.” I tried it… and it was for me.

I know there is a chance that I will catch a lot of flack from people for admitting that I did this… to which I will tell you… a lot more people do this than you realize. Since sharing my story, I have learned that there are quite a few closet placenta eaters out there.