Some people make “baby sharing” extremely awkward. We aren’t overprotective parents. In fact, we tote our kid around much more than other first time parents. He was at a wedding at eight days old, has already been to a community crab feast (with hundreds of people), a couple of pretty big summer parties, church, etc. We don’t mind taking Munchie places… but we do draw the line when it comes to having people over to the house. So far, visitors have been pretty limited. (Family, close friends, people dropping off meals, etc.) This has helped to eliminate unnecessary chaos and helped keep us all from getting overwhelmed. When people ask if they can come visit, I take a look at the calendar and let them know what days we are free. I schedule no more than one non-family visit per day. Manageable… that’s the goal.

So far, people have been very respectful of our schedule… until this week. Someone, who has made scheduling a visit extremely difficult… tried to make ME feel guilty that their schedule didn’t allow them to see Munchie when he was still “little” and them expressed how disappointed her kids were going to be that they didn’t get to see him when he was “little.” I responded with… “Well, Munchie was never very ‘little’… so I guess everyone missed out on that!” But what I really wanted to say was, “Oh, well you don’t have to see him at all, considering he is too big now… and maybe you should teach your kids not to overreact and just to appreciate people making time in their day for you to come into their home.”

I want to kick the refrigerator… that’s how frustrated I am right now. Did you seriously say that? Way to make things awkward.

One day, Munchie is going to ask me why some people always have to insert a comment, into a perfectly normal conversation, and make everything super awkward. When this happens, I will just look at him, sigh, and shake my head… maybe even roll my eyes. Sometimes I wonder if people make awkward comments, just to get attention… or if they are just that ridiculous. One thing, I know for sure. When it comes to dealing with awkward people… “ain’t nobody got time for that.”