My friends post pictures of their kids, all snuggled up with the big family dog. A baby laying on a Lab. A toddler using the family Golden Retriever as a warm and cozy pillow. Well… not in our house. In fact, it goes the other way entirely. Trickery, the dog with no concept of personal space, thinks the baby’s butt is a pillow. (A smelly pillow.)

In most families, the dog come up and licks the baby. While this does take place in our home… our baby also tries to lick the dog. (He was only successful on one occasion.)

Some people are concerned about mixing children and pets… but I’m all in favor of it. Teaching kids and animals to interact with one another is super important. They learn to respect one another. So far, I am beyond pleased with the progress we are making with this in our home… and in the homes of our family members. I will just need to teach Munchie that we can’t run around licking all of the animals we see.