After toiling over numerous baby books throughout my pregnancy, it seems experts agree… you need to read to your baby. Some people think you should start reading to your baby while they are in your big ole belly. Personally, I don’t see how a kid can tell the difference between reading a book and the sound of my voice. So… I just talked a lot. It’s kinda the same… agreed? (Yes.)

Confession: While pregnant, I would catch myself thinking, instead of talking… like Alex and I were connected on some telepathic level. Fortunately, my crazy behavior (at least this one) wasn’t obvious to others. I very well could have been committed. I would catch myself “thinking” a conversation with him, shake my head, and be all like “seriously?!?!”

Well, now that Alex is out and about… I’m thinking we should actually start reading. We have both started reading to Alex, however, Mommy story time and Daddy story times are very different.

Mommy Story Time – We pick out a book from Alex’s library, snuggle up on the couch, and read. I read the words, point to pictures, talk about the characters, and use silly voices.

Daddy Story Time – Patrick and Alex snuggle up together, turn on the iPad, and enjoy the Game of Thrones saga… as it has been written.

So, here is the question… is one more right than the other? While I obviously want to be the one who is always right, I have to wonder… is my method of story time archaic and stifling to my son’s future? Daddy is sitting over there, using technology that will be an intricate component of Alex’s future. He is reading words of a far higher caliber than Mommy is reading. By choosing children’s books, am I depriving my son of a vast vocabulary down the road? Then again, is Daddy limiting Alex’s creativity and abstract thought process? Will the monotone colors and sounds bore our baby? (Then again, I guess babies really only see contrasting colors… so the black on white text appearing on the screen might be stimulating.)

Who is right and who is wrong? Nobody. We are both spending time with our child. We are both reading to him. Exposing our little Munchie to different avenues of obtaining information is completely fine. I would like to believe Patrick is stimulating the logical side of his developing mind, while I work to poke and prod the creative lobe.

This is another case of parents doing this differently. You may read to your baby from the newspaper, picture books, or trashy magazines. (I would venture to guess there are babies who sat through 50 Shades… no worries… I don’t judge.) The point is… the HOW doesn’t matter much here. Just get it done. Stop over reacting… don’t be a crazy psycho mom… just pick something up and read. Snap… pick up your baby and read them my blog! (Proven to make your baby the most intelligent kid on the block.)