All the Ladies Love Me


Being this adorable makes it super easy for Mommy and Daddy to find helping hands. Each week, four young girls descend on our home and take on the role of “Mother’s Helpers.” Ranging in age from 8-11, these girls are crazy about Alex and they love to help me out. If you haven’t discovered the world of Mother’s Helpers… I suggest doing so immediately. Each week, I create a list of things that need to be done. Everything from folding baby clothes, to fetching diapers and wipes from the nursery, and walking the dog, to refilling the dog food container. (One week, the bag of dog food got dropped… dog food everywhere… and the girls picked up every last piece!)

In the beginning, I thought 5 minors in my home would be a completely overwhelming experience. I thought I must be losing my mind to agree to such chaos. Boy, oh boy, was I wrong. Some of the best hours of my week are when these delightful girls come to visit. We set a timer and Munchie is passed from girl to girl, until it is time for them to leave. For me, the benefit is obvious… help around the house and help with Munchie. For them, the benefit is excellent training for future babysitting gigs… not to mention a fantastic reference from the ever awesome ME!

Sure, I still have to change diapers and do the dirty work… but I think I can handle that! To my four lovely ladies… thank you. To their nanny who first had the idea to bring them all over and help out… you are freaking amazing!

Moral of the story: Find yourself a Mother’s Helper or two… or four. You will be SO happy you did!!!

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