Baby Jail


Yes. I am wearing jail stripes in the bathtub.

While Aunt Lizzie was changing a poo diaper, more poo came out (like, full on poop-splosion). She screamed, so (naturally) I proceeded to projectile vomit everywhere. When all was clean and she was reaching for the new diaper, I peed EVERYWHERE… my own face, the wall, the entire Pack ‘n Play, the lamp, the television. Then I managed a wide angled arc of urine that landed directly in the cable box. Mom should make note of today in my baby book… because I broke my first piece of electronic equipment. That’s right friends… With my mighty pee stream, I shorted out the cable box.

Hey Aunt Lizzie, next time you should move a little quicker!


Take a deep breath. The pee dried up and the cable box is working again. We didn’t even have let it sit overnight in rice. We are also happy to report that Aunt Lizzie can now change a diaper in record time.

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