Woo hoo!!! By some miraculous feat, out spawn, the dog, our marriage, and each of us have survived the first month of this new family member’s life. High fives all around! (As Patrick pointed out, this far beats any record we had of keeping a single plant alive in the last six years… Go us!) I feel as though celebrating our success on a monthly basis is satisfactory… But we should really be celebrating every week… Maybe every day… And on those rough days… Every hour. Perhaps that’s what chocolate is really for.

Hourly celebration… Hershey’s kisses
Daily celebration… Fun Size Snickers
Weekly celebration… Hot fudge sundae
(But let’s be honest, this frugal Mom would rather have take her own banana to Bruster’s on Thursday for a 1/2 off Banana split! Plus, those are healthy because of all the fruit!)

But, we have made it a month… and have tummy aches from all the celebration chocolate. SO… Today, we raise our fajitas in honor of our success. Cheers to us!

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