Hello, I’m Emily Bish (yes, actually my last name… but also a fun one to play with). In June of 2013, I was promoted from “human incubator” to Mom. So far, this has been one hell of a ride and my friends and family have encouraged me to document the ridiculous tales I live to tell.

Beginning in my first trimester, I felt that everyone had lied to me. Well, not so much lied, as omitted a whole lot of necessary information. This holds true. From the feelings of inadequacy you experience as a new mom (you can thank the effing hormones), to the adrenaline rush you get from being shot with poop during a 2am diaper change.. I’m going to share it all.

I’m a big fan of supporting other moms (well, parents and caretakers in general)… even if they parent differently (though, obviously my way is the best)… but I will respect and support the decisions of others, so long as they are safe and in turn respectful of my parenting techniques. Parenting is no easy feat… we all do it differently… we do it as well as we can… we pray we don’t screw up too badly… and if we do… well, we make sure that “college fund” can be transferred to a therapist without a large penalty.


Someone finally called me out for making WAY too many typos and grammatical errors. (Umm… you try updating a blog and changing a diaper at the same time.) For this reason, I recruited an awesome intern to edit my work. (But sometimes I get antsy and click “Publish” while she is in class… and then the internet world and my virtual fans are subject to my horrid speed typing skills… because I typically blog during naptime… and you never know when the sleeping beast will awake from his slumber.)

Big shout out to Kennedy for filling the role of Junior Editor. Though I wish I made enough (okay, any) money from blogging that I could pay you millions… I appreciate you being content with virtual hugs, gold stars, and my unfailing gratitude. Honestly people, I might die without her (or at least feel the wrath of all my former English teachers… and the parents of my former English students… because I once molded young minds).